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heres to the boys The boys who never fail to keep my palms sweaty, my jaw dropped and my hands shaking Here's the the boys who keep my heart beating faster with a single chord. Here's to the boys who are always there for me. Here's to the boy whose voice is so incredible it leaves me in tears. Here's to the boy whose smile makes my entire heart melt. Here's to the boy whose hair makes it cool to say you have a fro. Here's to the boy whose stage presence leaves me in awe. Here's to the boy we like to call "Jesus". Here's to the boy who stands by his beliefs and teaches us to never give up. Here's to the boy who can bang those drums like there's no tomorrow. But most of all, here's to the boy that showed me it's okay to be different. Here's to the boy whose nude pics are more famous than he is. Here's to the boy who only gets recognized for his looks, yet his talent is what stands out the most in our eyes. Here's to the boy who writes the words that keep me hanging on. Here's to the boy who changed my life by one single smile. But most of all, here's to the band that would never let us down. The band that always gives us 110% in everything they do. Here's to the band I would do anything for. Here's to the boys. The boys with dreams bigger than themselves. The ones with that touch, needing no help. The boy who could scream his feelings out into words. The boy who delivered them to the spurs. The one who's crazy stage presence owns the crowd. The crazy kid who banged his heart out, out loud. Music made my true believers, for true believers. We are the kids who listen to them as our lullabies. So here's to the band. Click your glasses folks! 'Cause this is the time. Here's to the band that that delivers music to our ears. The type of music that can brush away our fears. Here's to the band that gives out contagious smiles. The ones that make you sit and swoon for awhile. Here's to the band that needs no introduction, but got one anyway. The band who warms my heart everyday. The boys who interpret our minds, one song at a time, when we don't know what to say. Here's to the band with a following of masses. The band that can move small to big and keep our headphones still blasting. Here's to the band that are more than just that. The crazy guitar kid, to the boy in the hat. The band of friends and followers. We are the kids who keep the band in our hearts all for us. Here's to the band that Rainy Day Kids idolize. The band that you could listen to even on the rooftops under overcast skies. Here's to the bands, whose music would always hit you when the time was just right. Let's appreciate this clan. Through thick and thin, we are the kids who follow this band. WHENEVER they need helping hands. Here's to the band, We will never stop believing in you guys. We're here until the end. heres to Fall Out Boy.


That was on an old fob thing, i don't remember who wrote it.


I was just put into a frenzy when weiss decided to give us 10 minutes to rip that song. I had crazy goosebumps, chills, and I was shaking like crazy. A few people ripped it, and it's not on loop until I die.

Some of the lyrics in the song are from an old blogspot post he made, so I was going back and reading his posts. Now i can't stop crying because of it. His most recent post, i can't even begin to comment on.


Comments from ICH, some are mine, some are other people's, doesn't matter because we all think the same thing.



Fall out boy probably makes me cry multiple times a day.


Words cannot describe how amazing they are and how much they've done for their fans.


I can't even begin to explain


goosebumps still here.

My skin is damp. The tears are definitely flowing.

They're just beyond anything explainable. I'd give my life for any one of them.


I whole-heartedly agree with you. I don't believe I'd be alive to day if it wasn't for them. It's shit like this, that makes me believe in them more and more. I fucking love them. They are...fuck. This is amazing. I have to be awake in a couple hours, and I couldn't give a shit. This is everything to me. <3




I'd definitely would have been gone a long time ago if it weren't for their music. The things it does to me, It's crazy. They're the most amazing people I've ever known existed and I've never even met them. I can never stop believing, and i feel bad for the people who have. It disgusts me. It's just so fucking good. I don't even know how to do it. I'm going to get up and do a little shake off the chills dance, because i'm so uncomfortable with them. Seriously though, they're the most amazing kljjf they're just.

That's what they are.

They're just.


Amen. A-fucking-men. I feel the exact same way. Exactly. They're apart of me, so deeply. I could repeat everything you just said, but I think of all people, you understand lol.

I'm still shaking. I really need to sleep. But I'm so fucking hyped now....wwoooaaahhh. This has been one crazy hour.


I try to explain it to everyone I know but they just don't get it.

There are no words, and I try so hard to explain. It's not something you get unless you, well, get it.


They're apart of me too, and they always will be. I will never grow up and forget about the boys who changed my life.

I always breakdown when I talk about them or read other people talking about them, or read things about them, listen to their songs, anything. I'm just so happy they exist, and that they make the music they do, and that they're who they are. I love everything about them, and every reference to them makes my heart skip a beat.


I don't ever read these as Pete being in his own head, but Pete being in MY head. More often than not I find that a lot of these are things I'm sure that I need to hear or read on some level, even if they're not directed at me. I honestly don't care if that sounds crazy, or, if, Pete... you find that amusing.


You are wrong. You are the reason I live. You are the reason I have friends, you are the reason I am still getting up in the morning. If you want to call yourself society, by all means, it's fitting. You're both an outstanding original piece AND an outstanding mirror of it. And yes, both times I've felt like I'd had the rug pulled out from under me--but that's because I have everything I have been and have experienced in the past six years to thank you for.


Pete, you mean so much to us, honestly.

Nothing I could ever say would be able to express how much you have helped me and made me feel okay.

We just want you to be okay.

To be happy.

To give you back some of the happiness that you have given us.


I feel so bad for Fall Out Boy sometimes. They get bashed left and right SO MUCH. By everyone. Just because of Pete, who doesn't deserve this unfair criticism at all. Every time poor Pete opens his mouth, his words are taken out of context. Every time he's interviewed, touchy subjects are brought back into the spotlight. The poor guy cannot get a fucking break. I really wish he would realize what a loving, loyal fan base the band has, and that he's NOT a bad person. He's a genius, and he really deserves a lot more respect than he gets. The WHOLE BAND does.


I know it's all already been said. But I've gotta say it again.


You...mean so much to so many of us. I know at least for me. I honestly believe I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for you. You save me on a daily basis. You are the only person in the world I've ever found, who seems to think and function the way I do. The only person who seems to understand this big crazy, and painful thing. You've given me so much in life, as insane as it sounds. From friendships, to comfort, from music, to hope...I will never, be able to express how much indebt I am to you. The only thing I can say is- Thank-you. I'm sorry if makes you feel uncomfortable, but it's the truth. If there was one thing I wish you could believe- it would be this. I will always be in the back of the room, no matter where the adventure ends. (Hopefully never.) Please be okay. You deserve happiness, in every way possible.


It's ironic, because I just spent 3 hours last night trying to explain what you mean to me and why...and that paragraph just summed up those 3 hours basically.




In other words, You can only get it, if you really truly understand. I love ich because they are the people who I know understand. Fall Out Boy has changed my life, and they will always be apart of who I am. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them, and their music, and them, just does something to you. Everything about them has a weird magical power to make you just.


You can't describe it.

It's just.



Hope a few of you can understand this and relate.


"I still can't get the "every time you thank me, i feel like ive pulled the rug out from under you."

He has no idea...the good he does. No one's perfect. No one can be good all the time. But he's given people so much, regardless. By just being himself. I wish he knew, just how thankful we are, how much we appreciate them, him...it's complicated. And it's beautiful. The only thing I'd ever tell him, them- would be thank you. Over and over."


"Everything you just said x 39344.


He has no excuse to not realize now, we've said it so many times. Saying thank you would make me feel guilty. it's not pity, it's so so so true. If I were to meet him, he'd probably think I'm an asshole for trying to explain to him. I wouldn't be able to do it. That's why I hope he reads these comments. He needs to read these comments. I hope they convince him just a little bit more. How can you love someone so much, if you've never met them? I would give any of those boys my life in an instance, and not just because of the swooshy hair, but because I couldn't imagine anyone living without them, and I would sacrifice myself if it meant they'd still be doing what they do and being who they are."



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